Holidays Begin. Bah Humbug.

Actually, there is not a inch of bah-humbug in me (or with holidays). But there is, ok there was, in Scrooge! And so, it was with bah-humbug that Josh and I decided to kick-start our holiday season.

I know it's early, but the stores* are doing it, so why not? I'm probably a hypocrite going to see a Christmas movie before Thanksgiving since I'm always saying how we need to celebrate each holiday. Poor little Thanksgiving always gets brushed aside in the big Christmas preparation rush. Seriously, we still need to appreciate Thanksgiving. It deserves it's rightful time and enjoyment, not to mention my love for turkey and all the goodies that come along with it (yum, leftovers).

*Side Note: Starbucks is starting Christmas already with our holiday cups, special drinks (eggnog, gingerbread, and creme brulee), and coffee blends.

Anyhoo, Christmas is coming none-the-less and I must begin preparing. I'll start with movie watching (the music I only give myself permission to start the day after Thanksgiving -- Josh will love that I'm sure). The movie I really need to start because there are so many favorites that I must watch each year. So little time, so many movies! By the way, I'll write a post on my Christmas favorites soon.

The actual purpose of this entry was to tell you about the movie I that started the holidays this year. It was Disney's A Christmas Carol 3D with Jim Carrey. Charles Dickens' classic tale has always been a special story. I enjoy watching all the different variations / versions and I've even read the book. We decided to see the flick Friday night (later at night so as to miss the kiddie crowd). Here's some thoughts on the movie:

  • Special Features - The movie wasn't over done with 3D features. As tempting as I imagine it might be for a director, there weren't many scenes added just because it was 3D and would be "cool." Rather the effects were nicely weaved into the film so that I even forgot it was 3D at times. It was my first time seeing 3D (besides Captain-E-O at Disneyland). Although it was a fun experience, Josh and I found it was a bit pricey (luckily I had some handy Regal gift certificates to use). I'm  not sure if we'd pay the big buck for it on too many occasions. I think it's Hollywood's idea to get us back at the theaters, but it's just too much mulla right now.

  • True to Story - This very seemed to stick true to Dickens' tale. In fact, so close that parts were pretty darn scary. When you think about it, the tale wasn't really meant to be a children's story, but to get the holiday spirit going again in Britain. Read more.

  • Setting - Josh and I really enjoyed some of the images and scenes of the story's setting. For instance, at the begin the film took us flying over London--showing fun famous points of interest and whatnot. Actually, it really made us want to go back for a visit (and good memories from our trip a few years ago).

  • Scary, Bizarre, yet Humorous - I made a comment on the movie being scary above, but I thought I'd give some more detail. We all know the 3rd ghost is really the scariest, but I thought he was down-right frightening in this version. I mean, how do kids watch this and not have nightmares? And the usual jolly ghost of Christmas Present, my favorite by the way, had some scary moments. You might recall how he only has a certain amount of time upon this Earth. Well, the ending to "his time" was a bit chilling (this ain't Halloween folks, what the heck?!?). The first ghost was a bit bizarre if you ask me--portrayed as a candle. Plus some of the facial movements of the ghosts and whatnot throughout the movie were a bit strange. But there were some humor twisted in as well. I though mini Scrooge funny and some of the remarks they added caused some laughter.

Overall, the movie was entertaining and fun. And being that to entertain is the purpose of movies, then that means it was a success. Josh and I were glad we went and saw the movie. I would recommend it as a Netflix or if you haven't seen a 3D flick get, then go see it in the theaters!

Remember, coming soon is a entry on Christmas favorites--movies (plus other A Christmas Carol version I love), books, and more baking.