Mexican Mocha Maddness

Starbucks doesn't have a really Mexcian hot chocolate or mocha mix like you might find in other coffee shops or at the supermarket. For instance, those Abuelita Mexican Chocolate tablets you can buy. However you can mix up a drink that gets close to the real thing. I really didn't come up with this, but rather a customer asked for a Mexican Mocha. I said we didn't have it sadly, but then looped in my colleague to see if she had any brilliant ideas. She certainly did (worked at SBux for years and always has some fun ideas). Here's what came up and how to “call it”: (fyi: it's my "skinny" version of it): double tall, sugar-free cinnamon dolce, non-fat, no whip, cinnamon sprinkles, 1 pump mocha. Yum!