On the First Day of Xmas

...my true love gave to me...permission to start watching Christmas movies! Okay, honestly I could have started earlier if I wanted (and we sorta did with the 3D movie); however, as I said before, we must give Thanksgiving due justice. I mean the pilgrims worked hard to get across that ocean and get going over here. And by golly, we must celebrate that momentous occasion with food and friends (and yes, I just say by golly...it's a good phrase, try it).

So now it's post-Thanksgiving, which means all Christmas is ON. By "on" I mean: music, movies, decorations, shopping, cooking/baking, and reading. All of it. Makes me all giddy. I just love the holidays. Just so you have enough time to watch them all before the 25th, I'm going to list my xmas movie favorites. Plus I really thought a movie list would be clever since Christmas is full of lists. This list is a good list (no bad or coal here, nor need to check it twice). I wouldn't dare say this list is anything near that the length or importance of Santa's great list, but it's a pretty darn good list with commentary too.

Enough of this lengthy intro (did I get you excited for it?), let's get to it. Here is my movie list. Let's call it my joy.us must-see Christmas movie list:

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol - I know what you're thinking, "that's a kids movie, no thanks." I counter that (Josh's legal terms are rubbing off) with so what! Not only is it one of the best christmas stories of all time, it's with muppets! Can't beat that. Oh wait except that it's singing muppets. I know all the songs by heart and have the CD too which would go on my fav xmas music list. Plus there is comic relief in it with Rizzo the Rat who is there for the food. And Gonzo thinks he is Charles Dickens. Every time I watch it I find a little humorous thing they've discretely inserted into the movie. I saw a user comment that I agree with: "witty, far too good for kids." Oh, and Michael Caine is in it. Just watch it.

  • Scrooge - This is a West Coast O'Neill family favorite. If you know us, it's best that you watch it so you know what the heck we are singing when we break out into random song about liking life or thank you very much. And yes, you are catching on to a theme here, we like music in our movies. As a heads-up, this is an older movie that was made back in 1970. But don't let that prevent you, the songs are quite good and it's a good, heart-warming movie.

  • Miracle on 34th Street and Miracle on 34th Street (No typo) - There are two versions of this movie that I enjoy and watch each year. Once is a black and white version made in 1947. I like see how each version differs. Like will the judge get a dollar bill or a pile of letters from the post office? Does Santa speak Swedish or do sign language for the little kid? Is it Macy's department store or a store they make like Macys but don't actually call Macys? No music in this one, so if you're not the musical type, these might be a better route for you. Both versions here still have that heart-warming xmas message.

  • Christmas Vacation - Time for some xmas humor. What kid doesn't want the super xmas lighting job that appears on the Griswold home? I mean the squirrel and the tree. I'm already chuckling to myself. It's the typical family disasters taken up a notch. It's over the top humor, but not so much that you're disappointed.

  • Home Alone - No way can you beat a kid defending his home with all sorts of pranks -- pranks that both makes you laugh and cringe. If this movie doesn't bring out the kid in you, I don't know what will. Kevin get to do all sorts of crazy, fun stuff (although "don't try this at home" type). An added benefit is that the music is surprisingly good (although background mostly). John Candy makes an appearance too with a polka band.

  • A Christmas Story - Yet another humor xmas movie. Actually some of the humor I didn't get until I was a  tad bit older. For instance, fragile and the lamp. But this is a true, 100%, all American Christmas classic. I don't know how you could not like this movie. Ralphie tells his Christmas in true kid fashion. Not to mention the bunny costume or Randy falling on his back an added funny bonus. Oh and you learn stuff too like not to stick your tongue out in the cold to a pole.

  • It's a Wonderful Life - I always used to push this one aside when I was younger because it was black and white. Boring. Then back in college or so I decided to actually watch the whole thing. And now it's a favorite. It just makes you realize the important, good things in life. I think Josh might watch this with new eyes now that he's gone through law school, but that doesn't mean he won't be watching it with me (mwahaha). Seriously though, this one sends a good message. Watch to find out why life is worth living!

A few other options if you get through all of the above and need more - The Holiday has some Christmas scenes which gives it Christmas movie status. It just a cute love story with some good actors. The Polar Express has some good music and the animation is neat, but it's a bit weird in some parts (the same weird category as the newest A Christmas Carol I saw last week). Love Actually is good, but nothing great. I just like the one song in it by Mariah Carey.

I could (and just may) make even more Christmas lists. Perhaps one on cookie recipes, books, or music. Christmas is full of so much good stuff!