WiFi Leeching

Oh my, two blog entries in one day. What is she thinking? Well, this second one today is going to be short, but I just had to share with the world that I've been chillin' in coffee shops all morning with my Mac. The reason: EWEB shut our electricity down from 8:30am until about 2:30pm (it's 2:05pm and I'm thinking I'll head home again soon, so let's hope their 2:30pm time frame is accurate). The first place was Midtown. Usually their lattes are much better so I was a bit bummed--should have gone to Sbux hehe. The temperature was also a bit cold there and it was quite noisy (lots of plate banging, etc). Who's whining right?

Now I'm at Supreme Bean. I had a savory crepe (the ones with buckwheat that I love) for lunch. It was not their best crepe performance, but I've had them done very well here so never fear, I'll return. On the positive side, it's much warmer and less loud here.

(For the record, I wasn't really leeching, both places offer free wifi service - and I was good and checked first. No leeching, just sounded good.)

The other reason for the second entry was because I wanted to share my picture of these adorable ornaments.

Ornaments from Nada So Cute!