Stuck in the Middle

Today didn't start off so great and it got worse by about 3:30pm. It started when I got to the gym and realized I'd forgotten my running shoes. I had to drive all the way back home and then back to the gym. Ugh. I got "over it" and after a decent workout decided to hit up the wonderful world of Target.

As I began driving to Target, I contemplated the route. Hmm, which way would be the quickest? After some contemplation, I decided on Jefferson to 11th which would bring me to straight to Target. Jefferson was a BAD choice.

As I was sitting at a red light in traffic (it's a busy street), cheering with my Christmas music, I was suddenly jerking back-and-forth. It was like everything went into slow motion as I saw myself/car headed into the car ahead of me. Crash, bang, boom! I was now a victim; a victim stuck in the middle of a 3 car accident. Since nobody really knew what to do, I took the "lead" on directing people to exchange info and whatnot (and my iPhone came in handy - took pics of licenses, cars, and such). The guy that hit me was younger and apparently not watching ahead and didn't see the cars stopped ahead. I guess he was waiving to some girl on the sidewalk (ha -awkward for him).  Sadly for me, he was going pretty fast when he hit so now my neck hurts a bit. Fingers crossed I'm not to achy for work tomorrow. <insert sorry-for-Heather sigh here>

Anyhoo, the day did end well. Josh took me to my favorite Thai place, Target (yes, got there at last), and then TCBY for froyo (Yes, I eat it even though it's 30s to 40s outside now. The trick is to eat it at the store where it's warmer, go in the car with the heater cranked up). To wrap up the day, I took a nice, hot bath. What a day!!

P.S. The good news: nobody got seriously hurt (and my car just needs some body work on the front & back...)