Feeling the Holiday Hangover

Ever since Christmas ended, I've had trouble vocalizing this bum feeling I'm totting around. As I was writing an email yesterday, it came to me: the holiday hangover. I also thought of "reality bites," but holiday hangover sounds better. I mean we spend one day for everything we prepared the month for, and then the day is over and we're expected to go back to normal lives. Tear. Why isn't Christmas longer?

And another thing -- don't tell me that New Years is a "hair of the dog" cure-all for the hang over (Josh told me about this fitting phrase). New Years, is anti-climatic.  It never really what you hope it will be (i.e. the awesome party you see in the movies with sparklers and champagne at a really cool venue...nope, never happens).

Sigh, back to no decorations or fun music at home (or work).  Instead, its back to reality.  This hit me when I got home and spend all day yesterday doing the laundry, cleaning the house, putting things away, going to work.

Bah Humbug (in the opposite sense). Holiday Hangover.

If you're suffering the same, perhaps my Encinitas sunset photos will help cheer you up. Oh and Happy New Year Okay, I'll stop being a hum-drum and complaining - this whole email is a complaint, HA!. Side Note:  Isn't it crazy we're headed into another decade?