Heather's Novel-Summer 2009

Hello friends and family! I'm long over due for an email as its been well over half a year since my last update. I hope the year has been treating you well. I've had some big changes recently! Now that I got your curiosity going, I'll start with the big, exciting news first and then go from there.

My New Home

Not only a new home, but a new town! I just moved to Eugene, Oregon at the end of June. In fact, it's been just about a month living here now. Why the move you might ask? Why Eugene? Well, it's because Josh, my fiance, is here for law school at University of Oregon. He's headed into his third and final year of law school and we finally decided after two full years of long distance that we probably ought to close the distance.

I've been so wrapped up working (more on that below) and unpacking, that I really haven't done too much exploring; however, what I have experienced so far has been enjoyable. My new home is a duplex, so it's more like being in a home than an apartment. We are nestled into the bottom of a hillside covered in trees. Our neighbor is Bambi. Okay, not really, but we do have deer everywhere and they are always in the front and back  yards.

The most positive thing about the new home is being near Josh. We are really happy being able to spend time together and just hang out (i.e. the other night we made homemade wheat bread together). Also, the people here have a big sense of community and are super "into" the university & sports team (i.e. everywhere is the big O--cars, stores, homes, clothing). I need to get the O on my car, but I did get the license plate update.

I do miss some things though. I miss all my close friends from the bay area very much. I'm getting to know some of Josh's law school friends though. Also, the one thing everyone knows is very dear to me...frozen yogurt. I've taken to eating TCBY here (and the local sub shop oddly enough). It is getting the job done, but it's definitely a far shot from the fabulous Yumi Yogurt. I will give TCBY props though for it's daily specials/deals--they are trying. Portland has some options some 2-hrs away sadly. Missin' the good stuff.

Josh and Heather out front Josh and Heather's New Home


I've actually been very busy in this area. I'm still with the same company that I've been at for the past 4.5 years, Acxiom, but working remotely from home. Although the company has recently set restrictions on working from home, I've been allowed to work remotely temporarily. Originally the plan was that I could expect to stay in the remote position until the end of July. Before I left, it was more undefined and "we'll see how it goes & be in touch" sort of attitude. Since becoming remote, I've been extremely busy. The grand plan to keep me busy was to have me cover for a co-worker who was on vacation for 3 weeks. This coverage was on a new account which I had to learn. And being a new client to the company, there is a lot happening and nothing is standard (makes learning it tough). The co-worker returns Monday and I'm not sure what they have in the books for me next. My old client is slowly phasing out as a client, so it's not so busy on that end. My boss is supposed to update me on Monday on my job status...we'll see! There is lot of uncertain and under the radar type stuff which is driving me nutso! I'm sure there will be more to say on my next email. And who knows, it might be that I'm on the look or have a new job.

Recent Activities

Besides unpacking and working, I've really not been doing much else. I did go to the Eugene City Ballet and saw "A Midsummer's Night Dream" with Josh and his law school friends. We had a  movie night and saw "Up" which I highly recommend; it's very cute. I also want to see Harry Potter! August is looking to be busy but brilliantly fun--practically booked every weekend. The fun starts with meeting up with Caroline and Gerald and touring Seattle and Vancouver. Then Irene is visiting Portland. Also, a friend's wedding, a visit from the Browns, and my parents too!

Earlier 2009 Highlights

Below are a few main highlights from 2009 up until the big move...

  • Started New Year with a bang in San Francisco

  • Tahoe in February for some skiing with friends

  • Parent Visit w/ Kilian January (the usual side-trips to Monterey and SF city)

  • Trips to Oregon to see Josh

  • Mom's Retirement Party at home

  • Chicago for Grandma's birthday and visit the family

  • Wicked - the play at the Orpheum in SF (with my mom, friend, and her mom - girls day out!)

  • Birthday & Farewell (lots of combo celebrations since my move was just a few days after my bday)

  • 4th of July sparklers (yes, you can buy them here in Oregon + our own little BBQ)

Skiing with Melissa and Jimmy Skiing with Melissa and Jimmy

I'll try to be better at sending updates. I'm seriously considering starting up a blog. I also want to get pictures posted. For now, if you have Flickr check out a few I've posted so far: http://www.flickr.com/photos/honeill/

Have a great rest of the summer!