Polos & Pants

There is a dress code with my new job, and the days before my first day I was on a quest for a Starbucks warerobe: white or black polos, khaki or black pants, and closed-toed black or brown shoes. By the way, the first thought that came to mind when I heard this was "wow, this would fit Dad perfectly!" But going back to my quest story, besides the khaki, these items are surprisingly difficult to find. And for some reason all my nervous energy (aka Heather anxiety) about the job decided to manifest itself in finding these items. They had to be perfect--i.e. comfy, stylish, water-resistant, yet inexpensive shoes. Trying to find these items practically drove Josh nuts as we went from store to store. We really didn't find much on our excursion unfortunately. In fact, the real success was the evening after my first "orientation" / first impressions day. My boss recommended Target and that is were I had ended up having the most success. Still need more, but now I'm equipped with something!

All this fun took place last weekend. And with wardrobe set, I was able to head into this week & weekend fully prepared. And now I have a week on the job under my belt. It's really a TON to learn. There are so many different drinks and combinations-- it's craziness. I feel like it's only just starting to click after a week. It will definitely take me some time to get this all down (pumps of syrup, espresso shots, sizes). Plus, the job is more than just drink making, but register, calling out the drink, writing it on the cup, doing in-between time, clean-up, store maintenance, etc etc. Yaaouzzas!

I'll be sure to continue to write updates on my training. I learn something new each day. And fun stuff too. Not to mention, some nice coffee perks. Also, I got to taste some new Via (you should try it)!