Guess who got an iPhone today! I have been wanting one forever and since my Version service out here in the boonies (you've seen the posts with deer and turkeys) is practically nonexistent, I had to change providers. I mean it was a necessity really. Seriously, how could one live without cell phone service? What if there was an emergency and I had to make a call? See..totally necessary. Plus now we can save $$ and eliminate the land line (so heads-up to all that the 541 number might be going bye-bye in the near future - I'll be sure to update if/when that happens).

Anyway, now I'll be one of those people that pulls out the iPhone at every spare moment. Yes, I get to join the club of iPhoners. At a restaurant and no conversation..great, pull out the iPhone. In a line...great, pull out the iPhone. This weekend will definitely be iPhone education. After my shift tomorrow I plan on sitting myself on the couch with my new toy (after my shift which, by the way, I have to learn to open the store at 5:30am!)

Poll: What song should I use as a ring tone? Comment if you have any brilliant ideas!!

Note: Notice the clever Joy.us part of my website name with the Apple "i".

Look...My iPhone!