I'm just chugging along like usual, but I thought I'd post some random stuff--things on my mind or going on but nothing worthy of it's own post really.

  • Mouse - No a mouse was not in the house nor was it seen in the front yard like the deer and turkey mentioned previously. Actually, I got a new mouse for my laptop--one that does not make a clicking noise when I scroll. Not only is it functional, but it's pretty too. A nice bright blue color, teal blue (blue being my signature color). It's Microsoft's Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000.

  • Yummy Pumpkin - Fall has arrived and that means pumpkin time. The great news (nay, the fantastic news) is that pumpkin froyo arrived at the Sub Shop this week (see my yogurt post). I was so thrilled that I did a froyo dance when I got home (this sort of scared Josh). I got a quart of it with vanilla...delish!

  • Coffee Art - Should I cheat at try this at work? It's stencils that you can put on coffee form. Hehe. I found this on Rachel Ray's magazine blog. Actually, we did see some awesome coffee art in Vancouver at Caffe Artigiano.

  • Muffins - I'm on a quest for the best muffin recipe. I like oaty, bran type muffins. You know Honey's is my favorite. If only I had their recipe. Sigh. I tried one today from my Moosewood Restaurant Low-fat Cookbook. They weren't bad, but there are still plenty more experimenting to come.

  • Fall TV Season Begins - What I'm watching: House, Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Fringe, So You Think You Can Dance, The Office, and Project Runway. Lots of TV time ahead (and the rain is coming soon so this is a good thing!). Even more exciting: we have the Comcast DVR option so I can just set the recording and watch whenever.

  • Sonic - I got my first taste of Sonic over the weekend. I got a limeade thing. Josh drools about Sonic so we had to make the trip. Seems to me like it's a Dairy Queen alternative with a roller skater twist added. I think I'll stick to the yogurt treats, surprise surprise (but go to Sonic for Josh of course).

  • iPhone - Yup, still enjoying it!

Josh at Sonic