And the Sky is Grey

Listen to this song to help set the scene for this post. All the Leaves are brown here (actually, brown and on the ground) and our skies are grey. I don't really go for walks on cold days. And yes, I do think it's warmer in CA, but I'll be down for the holidays. Okay, I'll stop that now. Read on please, don't let this first part deter you.

Winter Tree

Yes, it's cold here now. Not freezing, but cold. The fall is come and gone, and now we are starting winter. The talk about town is how this is going to be a cold winter here in Seattle. And let me tell you, I get to talk to lots of people at Starbucks. Everyone is excited and nervous. Our store is talking about snow back-up plans. Oh my! Snow in Seattle my first year here.

Don't believe me? Here's some proof: The weather guy says he is "...predicting that the worst of winter's cold and snow will be from the Pacific Northwest into the northern Plains and western Great Lakes. That will put cities like Portland and Seattle that escaped with a very nice winter last year, colder and snowier this year." (Source link)

Apparently, when it snows here the city closes down. Seattleites just don't know what to do! The hills get frozen and driving is practically impossible without sliding. Josh and I will be trapped on Queen Anne! I better start a safety kit or something.

I started preparing with some cold weather wear. Example #1: A new hat.


I'm also wearing my warm, fluffy vests (see picture), scarves, boots, and gloves. I also got Smartwool socks. I think I'll consider some ear muffs and umbrella.

Okay, getting under the blanket on the couch now. Stay warm this winter my friends!

P.S. A new coffee series will be starting soon.