Taking Care of Business

Josh will be taking care of business soon because I have some excellent news...Josh is employed! Woohoo! Yippee!

"Details, Heather, give me details," you say. "The details, huh? Well, alright."

Josh graduated from law school back in May of this year. You may think graduation is the end of the road, but oh no. There is still months of studying and testing. He studied long and hard through the summer for the big, evil law exam that took place at the end of July. Then there was...dun dun dun...the question: law or not law. Josh decided somewhere in between. Hence, the beginning of the job search.

As many of you may know, search for a job is like a job in itself. It takes a lot of effort and time. Resumes, cover letters, emails, web searches, networking, and that's just part of it. Josh has been working is rear off the past few months. Going back and forth mainly with Deloitte and similar firmsย on jobs close to law but not. For instance, words like security, privacy, contracts, and compliance pop up. Luckily, Josh had some friends and connections in the industry that were a huge help in getting a step in ("the door"). And he got there -- ย all the way in the door, past the entrance, and into the house.

This past week he got two offers. A blessing for sure! But a very tough decision too. Both great offers, both positions something he'd enjoy, and both generous. After a lot of thinking, pondering, talking, and more thinking, Josh made a decision. He's going back to Uncle D. Back into the Deloitte family.


What's the position? He's going to be a Senior Consultant working on reviewing contracts and some other stuff (ask him, he'll give you the details). The first year or so, there will be travel. Sigh. However, the travel may be fun...Bay Area (visiting time!), SoCal (home!), and Portland (old stomping grounds!).

When does it all start? The first day is after Thanksgiving on November 29th. First, however, we must celebrate with cupcakes (from Trophy Cupcake):


And now the work begins...