It's too funny. It's hilarious. Laugh.

  • Fiddler on the Roof - This is a wedding one that's pretty awesome. Sing along if you're a Fiddler fan like me. Yes, I went through a stage in my youth when I was a bit obsessed with the music from FOTR. If I were a rich man, yada yada yada...and so on.

  • Auto Correct - All of you text messengers will know this stuff. Pretty dang hilarious.

  • The Oatmeal - Just a funny site. For starters, check out cobwebs, email meanings, and phone calls.

  • What? - Okay, only those that watch Mad Men, a new t.v. series favorite of mine, will get this YouTube collage.

  • Dog Tricks - I love this band; they do such great videos. By the way, it's Ok Go. Now, remember the This Too Shall Pass music video.

  • Charlie, the Unicorn - Sort of bizarre, and sometimes I think "why is this funny?" But it's interesting if not freaking crazy hilarious. Actually, just plain weird, but you'll find yourself saying, "Charlie" in a weird high pitched voice.