Fall Back

Did I remind you of the time change? It's happening tonight. Another hour of sleep - hurray! This is especially good news considering I open tomorrow. Another hurray!

Time change is among the top indicators that fall has arrived. Besides the changing colors, the gourds, rain, and cool weather, etc.

Let me tell you about some of my fall indicators:

Orange, Red, Brown, Yellow - these are the fall colors. Auburn and burnt sienna are some of the colors Josh said when I just asked him (not being specific at all - wink wink). It's so beautiful to drive along and see the colorful leaves. The past two falls in the Pacific Northwest have been a great experience.

IMG_0038 IMG_5520

Fall means pumpkins, spices, fruits, and veggies. Yum. For instance, I had a tasty caramel apple from the Ballard Farmers Market stand JonBoy Caramels. Then there is the newly discovered Essential Bread Company and have enjoyed fall breads. The Perrin bread has fresh pear, figs, and hazelnuts. It screams fall. Or the sweet potato pecan bread. Quite delicious as toast.

Yum Caramel Apples

Pumpkin. Time. Oh pumpkin, how I love thee. There isn't lots of frozen yogurt here, but there is gelato. I had some pumpkin gelato. It was heavenly. Those of you in frozen yogurt lands, please consider this (click here) frozen yogurt review. Also, I found a review about Jell-o pumpkin pudding. I had to try it. I found it in the seasonal portion at the front of Safeway. As the pumpkin mousse it was quite good with some graham cracker on top.

As for weather, well, this is Seattle. Enough said. No really, we actually had some beautiful days. For a while there was only rain every other day. The other days were slightly cool, clear, fall days.

This evening I made some delicious molasses crinkles. I've also made pumpkin muffins, pork with sauteed apples, mashed sweet potatoes, and some other tasty dishes. Josh approved.

Have I inspired you to enjoy fall? I love fall. Enjoy it!


Above is our pumpkin on our door step!