Seattle Coffee Tour: Vivace

Note: Be sure to read the series introduction first.

To start off this series, I'll be writing about my recent visit to Vivance. Josh and I headed to the up-and-coming South Lake Union area around mid-morning on a brisk day; definitely a day for a warm coffee.

Of course I read up a bit on the place beforehand. I learned that there white velvet and cafe nico drinks were favorites. Also, that it started as a sidewalk, walk-up window type place, which has now expanded to include some larger shops. Oh, and apparently this place is known for it's latte art because there are t-shirts and logos with the rosetta design when you walk in the door.

Coffee Shop Name: Espresso Vivace Roasteria or Espresso Vivace Sidewalk Bar

Location: 227 Yale Avenue, Seattle, WA

The Order: Josh ordered the white velvet, which happens to be a white mocha. I ordered a mocha.

General Babble: We received some beautiful coffees to enjoy. They both had the lovely rosetta design. The coffee was smooth and sweet; we could hardly taste it in our drinks. Hardly being the key word though because it still had that espresso that balanced out the sweetness. For some descriptive words, try creamy, cocoa, and nutty (or perhaps that's the mocha part of the drink).


Overall Visit: 4.5

Latte Art: 4 - they could have done something more than just a rosetta

Atmosphere: 4

Drink Options: 4 - I wish they had more sugar-free syrups

Coffee Knowledge: They use Northern Italian inspired espresso blends.

Food: Sorry, we had breakfast at home that morning and really didn't feel like food. They did seem to serve a few Macrina items though and that makes me happy.

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