Seattle Wonderland

It's snowing! And it's sticking to the ground! I often get asked if it snows here by friends and family now that I live in Seattle. Before my answer was all speculation, but now I can officially say that, "yes, it does snow."

As I sit here typing this entry, I can look up and out the window to see...white. It's coming down pretty hard, with blustery wind. Brrr!!!!

However, I did have to venture out into the winter wonderland to get home from work. The buses were running on snow routes (less hills, etc), and a whole lot slower (some with chains apparently). I lucked out though. As I arrived to my stop 15 minutes late, my bus was helping a wheelchair person. Since it was delayed, I made it...Hallelujah! I didn't have to wait in the snow. I had my extra hot Chai and hopped on the bus. Then I stomped up the stairs to home sweet home.

It's the talk at my Starbucks right now. People telling me about waiting for the bus and then it never arrived, all the traffic, or late for work. Crazy, I now live in a city that snows.

Alright, enough about snow. Let's get to some pictures.

Seattle Winter Wonderland

I think I'll need to invest in a scrapper for the windows...

Seattle Winter Wonderland

Our home with the snow on the roof and trees.

Seattle Winter Wonderland

Brr, get the photo...quick.