The Return of the Turkey

PART 1: Gooble Gooble Goodness

Since I was sick the days leading up to Thanksgiving, and the fact I had to work a long shift the next day, Josh and I opted to go out for Thanksgiving dinner. Not to mention, we received a gift certificate to help fund the restaurant experience as well (thanks - you know who you are!). Luckily, the snow and ice had mostly melted and we could venture out of the hose at last and drive downtown. And aren't we glad we did...dinner was delicious. The turkey so moist; probably some of the moistest I've ever eaten. The sides were scrumptious and plentiful. All and all, it was a fabulous night. The best part of it dishes or clean-up involved!

We ate at a Tom Douglas restaurant calledΒ Lolas (side note: Tom is a famous Seattle chef). Here's the Thanksgiving menu:

  • Free range Washington turkey

  • Caramelized onion-thyme gravy

  • Liam's Thanksgiving stuffing

  • Creamy fennel mashed potatoes

  • Brussels sprouts, pearl onion, bacon

  • Yams, metaxa, hazelnuts

  • Cranberries, orange, apple

  • Dahlia bakery pumpkin pie, whipped cream

PART 2: The Turkey Strikes Back

But the above was not it. Oh no. After eating Thanksgiving dinner, Josh and I began to crave more turkey. No turkey leftovers. Ahhh. We did have leftover sides though. I asked Josh to pick up some pre-cooked turkey at Wholefoods so we could enjoy the leftovers. However, when I returned home from my 10 hour shift on Black Friday, Josh had a bone-in turkey breast cooking away in the oven. Hurray for turkey. He also bought us some spiced autumn cake from Macrina. It was like Thanksgiving all over again.

Now, we have leftover turkey but no leftover sides. Make more sides? Just kidding. It's turkey soup time. Oh yea!