All I Want For Christmas

Today I witnessed a Christmas miracle. It was early in the season, but wonderful. As I went to downtown Queen Anne this afternoon to get some odds and ends at Bartell Drugs, Josh noticed some balloons near the sidewalk where i knew the building of a frozen yogurt store was being built. Could it be? Is it true? Is the frozen yogurt store open?

Yes, indeed! Frozen yogurt is now just 5 minutes from home! I'm thrilled. I'm estatic! Now Seattle is complete. And I'm lucky that the one store they decided to built is in the part of town right near home.

The store is called Menchies. I first tasted it in Federal Way, which is just south of the SeaTac airport. Apparently this chain is growing fast because my sister mentioned one opened near her a couple months ago. Feed the masses sweet froyo.

To the important stuff, my first taste of frozen yogurt in months. It was superb. I had so many choices - there are about 5 machines (=10 flavors). I picked two all time favorites: cookies and cream & pumpkin. I guess I'll have to going back to try the others.

Come visit and I'll take you to Menchies.