Post-Christmas Depression

No more stockings at work and just plain, ordinary cups.

No more Christmas movies or music.

No more Christmas lights or garland on houses.

No more Christmas cheer.

No more holidays until February.

I'm depressed.

What do you do about this kind of depression?
Go do stuff.

See a Movie...Check.

While we were down in Encinitas visiting my family, we took an afternoon and saw The King's Speech. I had been waiting to see this movie from the previews and I was not disappointed. Colin Firth andย Geoffrey Rush do a great job. Trying to do a stutter would be a hard role to play and Colin Firth pulls it off excellently. Not to mention, he ranks up there with my favorite actors (see Pride & Prejudice or Bridget Jones). I just found out it's nominated for 7 Golden Globes too. Go see it!

Go out to Dinner with the family. Check.

We all went out to dinner the day after Christmas in Del Mar. We tried a new restaurant called Prep Kitchen. It was quite tasty, although the portions were a tad bit small. Next time I'd be sure to add a salad or extra side dish. I was thrilled when my dad mentioned it should go on "the rotation," which means he really enjoyed it and it was reasonably priced. It's tough to get one dad likes...bravo to me for finding a new place!


Brunch in La Jolla in the sun. Check.

Who doesn't like to sit outside on a nice sunny San Diego winter day and eat yummy breakfast? We all enjoyed our french toast and pancakes, while Josh, the outsider, enjoyed his chilequitas. I just love downtown La Jolla.


More coffee (in the sun too!). Check.

And nothings quite beats a coffee stop on the Encinitas coast at Pannikin. It's a funky coffee shop with surfer dudes, soccer moms, college hangouts, and all sorts of other folks. The coffee and bakery goods are tasty too. You'll hear more about this place when my Coffee Tour takes a look at the Pannikin as a side review.