A cool date, right? All ones = 1.1.11. Not to mention, yesterday marked the end of a decade. A whole decade; that's nuts! 2000 and Y2K seems like just yesterday. I must be getting old. This is my "I can't believe it's 2011" face:

Ahh it's 1.1.11

New Year's wasn't anything too exciting for Josh and I. Picture this: couch, warm blanket, movie, and cupcakes. Then going to bed early. That was our New Year.

I have to say, the cupcake was special though. The owner of the Yellow Leaf Cupcake came into my store and we started talking and he offered me a free cupcake. I decided to get two cupcakes for Josh and I to celebrate the end of 2010 and the start of 2011. I picked up a fig and fennel as well as a classic red velvet cupcake. Yum! I'll return. I think it's better than the Cupcake Royal and Trophy Cupcake places that are so popular up here. Will 2011 still have the cupcake mania we saw in 2010?

Yellow Leaf Cupcakes

Back to New Years, we watched two Netflix movies, so now we'll start 2011 with all new, fresh Netflix (as soon as the mailman comes that is). Then we just had a nice relaxing evening. At midnight, I woke up very briefly to the sound of horns and fireworks. I mumbled "happy new year" to Josh and fell back to sleep.

Part of the reason for the low key New Year was that I had to open our Starbucks store today. It wasn't as early as usual, but still I had to be there at 6:30am which means waking at 5:30am. An early start to 2011! The store was slow for the most part though.

On an ending note, this year started off cold. As in freezing. As in I had to scrape ice off my car and avoid ice patches on the road. ICE! The same thing for the end of 2010, there was ice. How shall I battle this ice and cold? A new jacket!

New Year - New Jacket