Snack Time

Top Pot...a popular Seattle treat. How could you go wrong: rain, coffee, doughnuts. It's like peas and carrots; they just go together. Everyone raves about this Seattle establishment. "Oh, those doughnuts are so good." I've direct several Starbucks customers from out of town to the Top Pot location downtown. In fact, Rachel Ray even recommends it as a best bet for java. I believe it was $40 a Day or some show of her's like that. Oh, and President Obama visited it on his Seattle travels too.

After living in Seattle for about six months now, I thought "this place is popular, I better give it a try!" Today was the day. I haven't eaten a doughnut in FOREVER. Seriously, I don't think I have since elementary school (ok, maybe a bit of one in college late, late at night - just a bit though!).

So as Josh and I were having a lovely Saturday afternoon (yes, I had off work!) in Bellevue, we decided to stop by Top Pot. We shared a delicious pumpkin spice old fashioned doughnut. Then I had a cappuccino and Josh a regular old joe.

The snack:

Top Pot

Here's me eating:

Part of the reason that they are so tasty is that these donuts are hand craved, and you can see them working away in the kitchen:

Top Pot

Not to mention some cool logos:

Top Pot

Other donuts places that are pretty famous around the Pacific NW are Mighty-O Donuts, Pink's, and Voodoo Doughnut.

I'll end on some "food for thought"...what is the difference between doughnut and donut?