Stylish Me

This Friday I got a new style. Nothing totally crazy
because (A) I have to keep it long-ish to put it up in a cool "do"
at my wedding, and (B) I'm a bit of a wuss. However, to jazz it up
I added a few copper highlights. With some framing cuts on the
sides and layers all around, I came out looking shiny and new. I
tried a new place this time - my second visit to a hairdresser here
in Seattle - called Source. It's in trendy Ballard area. The al
that did my hair was nice (although not the super talkative hair
dresser type), but the best part was her rates were super and she
did a great job. Big Puntos! Anyhow, here's a self portrait: class="tt-flickr tt-flickr-Small" title="Heather's New Hair Cut"
alt="Heather's New Hair Cut" width="240" height="180"
/> title="Heather's New Hair Cut"