Love Bites

Vampires. Eternal Love. Sacrifice.

The last thing is what Josh did for me on Valentines Day. It was very heroic (and romantic, for me at least). I've been waiting for ages (not quite eternity) to see this movie. Rather than spend the big bucks, I've been waiting until it reached the Cinemark 12 theater, the awesome $1.50/person movie theater nearby. Quite magically it reached the theater this weekend...just in time for Valentines Day.  Knowing he'd eventually be dragged to the movie, Josh thought Valentines Day would be the perfect time to sacrifice himself (in his words, "sacrifice on the alter of love").

Valentines Day started at work for me. Somehow I got stuck with the opening shift. It was also a long shift too (actually both days this weekend were opens & long). Although, opening did mean I was done at 2pm. At work, there was some Valentine's Day stuff going on - cupcakes, heart cups, red ribbons tied on coffee bags, teddy bears. The holiday stuff is always fun - the cups were cute. Anyway, I was done at 2pm, which is the real start of Valentines day because it meant starting my time with Josh. Aww, isn't that sweet?!?

As I said, we saw New Moon. We went to the matinee showing so I'd stay awake (remember, I opened). I had a great time. I know it's not really quality acting or film here, but I just enjoy this kind of stuff - my guilty pleasure. Although, I must admit, I think only people that like the movie are those that have read the books (perhaps if Josh read the book, it wouldn't be a sacrifice - ok, who am I kidding). I could review the movie, but this post is strictly Valentines Day themed. And really, is there much to review?

After the wonderful movie, we headed for dinner. We opted for a non-pre fixe or Valentines-typical restaurant. We ended up with pizza. More specifically, we ate at Mezza Luna and created our own pizza. Quite tasty and fit the bill (I mean that literally too). Afterwards we had some dessert at Prince Pucklers. I had froyo, of course.

And that concludes our Valentine 2010 celebration.