Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago I was on a pre-Valentine's Day weekend trip to visit Josh. We were spending the weekend in Portland because it was cheaper to fly in than Eugene. Plus we could go out for a nice Valentines Day dinner in the city. On February 8th, we enjoyed a fine dinner at Wildwood, where I thought for certain if the "big question" was to happen, it would be there. It didn't happen, but it did just the next day on February 9th!

So two years ago today Josh proposed to me. Josh had been preparing for months and had a grand plan. The grand plan involved tricking me about stationary, actually getting stationary (just not what I expected), and a box with a big blue bow. You could say it was a event (chuckle chuckle). Ahhh two years ago today...

Josh just brought me flowers (awww). And for my readers, a picture of the engagement email we sent out:

Engagement Email