I Saw the Sign

No, no. I'm not singing a song. I really do see signs. Signs everywhere, but there area few in particular I want to discuss. I'm talking about actual, physical signs. Sorry, I'm not going to be "deep" here; just straight forward signs.

Deer Sign - This one is very important. I don't think I'd ever make it home without this sign. The deer sign tells me where to turn off the main street and into our neighborhood. The turn is a bit hidden, and streets start looking the same, so I rely on the deer sign to know when to turn on to Dillard. ย Sometimes I'll be driving and think, "oh my, I missed the turn! No wait, there is the deer sign ahead. Whew!" Some wonderful people decorated the deer with a red nose, so I should really call it the reindeer sign. I'll never forget this sign.

Deer Sign Deer Sign

Sub Shop Sign - Yes, I always need to bring up my favorite topic, frozen yogurt. The Sub Shop sign is entirely necessary to see frequently. It has an arrow on it too. It arrow signals to me....come in! Eat me!

Sub Shop Sign Sub Shop Sign

SBux Signs - I've been asked to make several signs at work. Usually it's about VIA. I've made about four different signs since I've started. Perhaps I can be called the "Sign Maker." It's fun to get creative juices flowing. It sometimes brings back memories of being in my mom's classroom and do the boards or chalkboard stuff. Next time you go into a Starbucks, you should look for the chalkboard looking sign where the latest product is promoted. Below is the most recent one.

SBux Sign SBux Sign

Okay, now you're free to sing. Don't know what the heck I'm talking about...go here.