The Usual

As the title suggests, not much has been happening lately. Just the usual stuff. Sometimes people ask me what "the usual" is for me. I guess it makes sense that "the usual" is different for everyone, although I really think my usual is pretty dang usual. Of course, there's always those things that everyone does routinely. Or, I should clarify, at least you hope they do them regularly or they have them done by someone regularly (note: the latter would be quite nice). Anyway, those things are never-ending, blah tasks such as laundry, dishes, bathroom cleaning, vacuum, etc. Ugh. Besides those, there are some other usuals like reading, cooking slash preparing meals (includes planning, shopping, cooking, clean-up), watching tv, etc. Pretty usual, right?

You probably know that the usual change slightly through time. It's only natural. Who watches the same show over and over? Maybe you jazz up the meals occasionally. So the usual progresses and changes over time, but this is still all in the usual category. This might be getting boring (and too deep?), so I thought I'd delve into some more specific things I thought would be fun to bring up...

Cold Season - This is usual, right? You're bound to get a cold especially during wintertime. In fact, I just go over what seemed like the forever cold. It was a pretty bad one and really "got to me" this time. It's rare that a cold hits me so hard that I'm landed on the couch all day, but that's exactly what happened. Sadly I missed a few fun outings that were planned (and could have been potential awesome blog entires - one factor towards the lack of posts lately). The good news is that besides the constant nose running, I'm over it now (2 weeks later!). My warning: Don't get this one that going around if you can avoid it. My recommendation if you can't: Zicam.

How I Met Your Mother - I love, love, love this show right now. Josh and I are going through season by season on Netflix. We're in Season 4 right now. I love it so much that when Josh said we should finish up the Netflix disc that evening, I actually started jumping up and down in joy. Yes, that happy. I think it's a generational type show though. It really shines true to a lot of folks our age. Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, Robin. All I can say is...Legendary. (I also considered saying, awesome there but legendary was the clear winner).

In The Kitchen - You know me always trying to experiment and have fun in the kitchen. I was in a funk for a bit and wasn't doing anything wildly exciting, but I got a few things to mention. Monday I made a Banana Pumpkin Bread Pudding. I tweaked the recipe Heather-style (and I didn't have all the ingredients either). It wasn't to-die-for decadent, but it was a decent dessert snack.

I also tried a new eggplant recipe from a blog I follow. It was a bit salty, but I re-vamped it into a pasta bake which ended up being quite delicious. Another recipe I made and added to the week night repetour is Ellie's Balsamic Chicken.

Spring Sneak Peaks - We've had a few days of beautiful sunshine here in Eugene. Also some Cherry Blossom tress have started to bloom. I drive around looking and wishing I were some awesome photographer so I could capture the gorgeousness. Alas, I'm not, but I'll give you my best shot. See below.

Addictions - There is always frozen yogurt, but I'm sure you're tired of that by now. Another addiction which you already heard before: pumpkin. More specifically I'm enjoying pumpkin cookies from local bakeries. Sweet Life and Full City. Yum!

To sum it up, colds are usual, tv is usual, cooking is usual, the seasons changing is usual, addictions are usual. I have lots of usuals.

Coming Soon...There are some exciting weekends for me in March and April, so the posts will be more interesting soon. I promise!!

Spring Sneak Peak Spring Sneak Peak