Froyo Alert

My froyo (frozen yogurt) rader went off this week...beeeeeep, new froyo shop in town. Beeeeeep!

Of course, being me, I had to investigate this supposed new froyo shop. My friend Kim joined in on the first visit adventure. Going into it I was a bit apprehensive. Would this be a tart, plain, original froyo shop that's all the rage right now? Would it be a hippy, organic, hemp place common to Eugene? The hopes were high entering into it though. I mean YoCream is just up the road in Portland, so there was a fair chance this could be a great place. The only way was to make a visit...

Upon entering the store, I was a bit shocked at the brightness. It wasn't sunny, but it was sure darn yellow inside -- the walls were neon yellow! They took it to the extreme with the neon and candy everywhere. It was like a little kids heaven. I definitely knew who the target was for this What about us young adult with crazy like addictions? Would this work? I continued further.

I spotted my friend inside toward the back where the machines were located. Good news...YoCream. The shop owner was there helped us out and giving samples (my appetizer). The atmosphere was forgiven when I saw three beautiful machines - that means six flavor options. Oh boy, oh boy!

Of course, I had to discuss the froyo with the owner. Does she really know her stuff? I mentioned the article I found online with the local newspaper. Apparently her husband and her got the idea from a Cali visit, the land of froyo. She really didn't seem to want to go into much further detail, so I decided to go for a taste test.

Sadly, I found that cookies 'n cream was a recent past flavor (so hope for it next visit). There was peanut butter, blueberry, strawberry, cheesecake, chocolate, and vanilla. Very standard. In fact, most of these flavors are at the sub shop. If you know me, you know I tend towards the cookie type flavors so I opted for the PB and chocolate and vanilla swirl combo. Verdict? It was decent. The texture was decent, but not as smooth as it could be (Yumi is safe). I think they might need to play with the temperature and mixes a bit to get it more velvety. Perhaps I'll mention it next time if I find the same situation.

As for pricing, well it was self serve. I get carried away with self serve and it can add up quick. TCBY is cheaper for sure. However, it could have been worse. On a good flavor visit, this could be totally worth every penny. I shall just have to visit again SOON.

All in all, I was happy to get my froyo fix and hang out with a friend. Oh, andΒ BTW, I did join their FaceBook group. You can check it out.

Sweety's Froyo Sop Kim & Me @ Sweety's