Home Sweet Home

This past weekend I was in sunny San Diego. And yes it was sunny - WooHoo! It was a really nice weekend visiting my family in Encinitas and going to my childhood friend's wedding. Rather than have run-on sentences (ok, that'll happen anyway) and unorganized babble, I thought I'd set this up in my favorite style: bullets.


  • I was able to snag a couple days off work and head down Thursday after work and return Sunday. The flight down to SD was like a trip to Europe - it took forever with all the layovers. I had stops in Portland and in San Fran. To give you an idea, I departed Eugene Airport at 5:45pm and got home at midnight. To top it, the last leg of the flight was uber-turbulencey and the flight attendants didn't even come out nor did we get our beverage service. The return flight was one layover in San Fran, but still long and late. And to throw in the pity card...I returned at midnight and guess who got to open the next morning...2-3 hrs sleep, oh boy. Needless to say, the travel portions weren't glamorous - but worth it!


  • Froyo Alert - Yes, my radar went off yet again this week. I spied this place as I was enjoying Chicks, a lunch favorite, with my mom (more specifically, the chicken bowl dish). The new shop was in the TJ Max center across the street and I saw the glorious words...frozen yogurt. We popped on over for further investigation after our lunch. To my delight, the flavors included my all-time favorite, Cookies 'n Cream. That raised the place up in my book. The name is Swirls, and apparently there are a couple of them here in North County SD. It passed the taste test and ambiance with flying colors. The texture was smooth and rich and tasted oh so yummy. The store had the trendy, almost IKEA style going - very white, clean, and sleek. The logo was also nicely done. This is officially now my new place to go when I come home (not to mention, it's closer to our home than Golden Spoon - I still love GS though mind you). Please stay Swirls! Maybe I should seek out the owner and ask them to test the Pacific Northwest market.

  • Blast from the Past - Being retired, my mom has been helping out at the school she taught 4th grade, La Costa Meadows (LCM). It also happens to be the elementary school I attended oh-so-many years ago. We had to make a pit stop there Friday to drop of some art project. Although there were many changes, it was like a blast from the past. I remembered the old classrooms and playground. It was weird to be back.

  • Intense Relaxation - The afternoon was intense, or should I say intensely relaxation. It began with my hair. I headed to my usual girls at Entourage. These girls are great. Josh and his parents went to this salon when they lived in Carlsbad and were friends with the girls that own the place. Since I met Josh I've been going and kept it up since they do a good job. After hair, I hurried back, picked up mom, and we headed to the spa for our pedicures. It was a very nice place and we left with beautiful feet. Except...the crazy Russian lady that did my mom's nails. She just kept talking and we couldn't understand half of her conversation (but it did make for a funny conversation afterwards). The evening was finished with a nice meal at Sbicca and movie time with my parents at home.


  • Around Town - The morning my dad played tennis and went to a softball game, so my mom and I hung out. Of course, we ate breakfast at my favorite Honey's Bakery and Bistro. Yum oat bran muffin - the best ever! Then we roamed The Forum and shopped around. Then we met up my dad for lunch at yet another favorite, The Counter. Then we headed to the closest mall, UTC, since my mom needed eye liner. We ended up getting our make-up quickly done at Chanel for the wedding. Oh and a real mall = heaven.

  • The Wedding - My childhood best friend, Jessica Trogler, got married! Yup, I came on this particular weekend because it was her wedding day on Saturday. She married Chris Anderson at Rancho Valencia, a gorgeous resort in Rancho Santa Fe. The ceremony was outdoors with a trellis at sunset (beautiful but a bit blinding with the sun - you'll see in the picture). It was a smaller wedding, but very lovely. The reception was at the resort. I enjoyed how they did the first dance upon entering the reception. Also, there were some cool things like the 1,000 cranes and guest book with polaroids. In a nutshell, a beautiful wedding and good fun.


  • Taxes - Blah! That's about all I can say. Blah taxes! But they're over. Yippee! I spent the morning working on my taxes with my dad around to help with all that tax mumbo jumbo.

  • Pizza Port - This place was discovered over Christmas at home. Josh saw it in a micro-brew beer magazine...I guess it had good beer, but it has good pizza. Although my dad declared it a bit noisy inside.

  • Randomness - After some stuff at home, the four of us (mom, dad, sister Lindsay) roamed around North County doing a bit of shopping. We found some invitations, my mom got instructions on how to use the make-up she got Saturday, food for my flight, etc.

As usual, I'll end with some photos. To jazz things up a bit, I've made my pictures into a slideshow below for your view pleasure (some random photos in there, I know).

Lastly, in the words, of Porky the Pig, that's all folks.

Wedding & Weekend Home from Heather O'Neill on Vimeo.