I'm a Survivor

Josh just finished an audio book called The Survivor's Club by Ben Sherwood. Along the way, I've been told about all types of survivor tips and stories. For instance, he mentioned that the people we consider lucky aren't necessary lucky but have these innate qualities that lead to survival and success. Qualities like remaining calm, relaxed, and optimistic in situations. This is all second-hand, mind you, I just listened to Josh tell me about this stuff.; I didn't actually read the book. However, it actually sounds quite intriguing. I don't think I'll end up reading this book with my imagination though.

Although I don't plan on reading this book, my interest was sparked. I wanted to know if  I was a survivor. Would I do the right thing when the time called? Would I survive in the face of danger? How would I do this? Well, there just happens to be a cool survivor profiler type survey that corresponds with the book.

A survey you say? I'm in! I've always been a secret (okay, not secret) fan of surveys and the sorts. My family probably recalls me filling out the feedback forms at restaurants when we went out. Or those dang emails around high school and college days where you'd get an email with questions about yourself and then send it to people and then they'd have to fill it out. Yea, I liked secretly liked those too. That said, it wasn't too surprising that Josh was able to convince me to take this survey.

I'm in luck as the Survivor Profiler confidently declares me as a Survivor! Not only that, but I've got a well-defined survivor personality and tools that help me overcome any crisis. Woohoo! Yippee!

Here's what it says about my Survivor type...

Survivor Type: Connector

My Top 3 Survivor Tools: Love, Empathy, and Purpose

The Blurb: Your Survivor IQ tells you precisely which kind you are. After analyzing your answers, it’s clear that you’re a Connector. You overcome incredible adversity by harnessing and mobilizing the power of your relationships and bonds with other people. You are deeply devoted to your family and friends. Your love for your parents, spouse, partner, children and friends motivate you to tackle enormous obstacles. You know that your family and friends depend on you and need you. You hold these relationships sacred, and you will go to any lengths to protect and preserve them. You draw strength from these primary relationships and you often rely on support groups or social networks to help you through difficult times. You’re able to lean on others for aide and you know how to reach beyond your regular circle of friends to find the help you need. You’re a good networker who makes the most of your connections. You often feel great empathy for others who are struggling. You take care of other people before you look after yourself. You’re good at reading strangers and situations. You know how to get along with others. You play well on teams and work effectively with others to get things done. You survive because of your powerful bonds. You would endure anything – and go to any lengths – for the people you love. Above all, you’re a Connector.

Bottom Tools: Adaptability, Intelligence, and Flow

Wowwza. I'm a Connector. Makes sense really. Josh took the test too. He's got different survival skills, so perhaps if we're together our chances of survival are even greater with our shared strengths.

Survey Fun! And better yet, I might just survive!