Freedom is a day with no obligations. This is something to cherish. No work. No appointments. No need to do anything specific. A day like this is rare, and today I got to enjoy such a day. (Well, honestly I could find something to do, but I decided to put those aside. Also, then my whole post concept of freedom wouldn't be possible)

What does Heather do with a free day? To start, it's entirely necessary to stay in PJs as long as possible. Sure, at some point I start to feel the guilt seep in, but one must try. I managed to stay in my PJs until 12pm; that's freakin' awesome. I love PJs. They are just so comfy and nice. I can be pretty productive in them too mind you. I know others might not have this ability (or should I say skill), so I'm glad I am able to be one of the few that that pull this off. I don't mean going outdoors. Stacey and Clinton would kill me (note: that's a reference to TLC's What Not To Wear, a guilty pleasure of mine...guess it's not so secret anymore). However, I am productive online or doing random stuff. For example, I did some emailing, scheduling (for other days, not today!), and whatnot. Productive in PJs.

As I said, by noon I was out of the PJs. Actually, the changing out of PJs is in part thanks to it being a nice, sunny day. And it was the sunshine that drew me outdoors. I'm not a lay-in-the-sun gal. Plus it's was still a tad bit chilly, so I decided on a stroll. I've been meaning to walk the other direction on the path at Alton Baker Park (recall the Alton Baker Park post earlier in the year). This is exactly what I did. I brought along my camera to practice. For instance, I have some shots playing with angles and some of ducks butts. Yes butts. Curious? Check it out on Flickr.

With some fresh air, I moved on to indoor type stuff. I headed to Trader Joes, Target, and Market of Choice. I was gathering groceries, obviously, for a picnic planning for tomorrow as well as to make my favorite Cornmeal Cherry Scones (recipe from Berkeley's Cheeseboard cookbook - thanks Melissa & Jeff).

Along the way I made a pit stop at TCBY for Waffle Cone Wednesday - good deal. I ate that in the sun as well. Got to get that Vitamin D; soak it in. I also stopped to say hi to a friend, Kim, at Full City Coffee shop downtown. I bought a delicious pumpkin cookie for tonight.

On my way home, the clouds started to return. Now, it's raining. There goes the burgers on the outdoor grill. Indoor skillet here I come. At least, I got to enjoy the sun. Really, if you see the sun here in at this time of year, you've got the seize the moment. The weather in one day here can change very quickly. In fact, I may get to the grill yet. Let's hope the sun is around for our picnic tomorrow.

That's my free day. Tomorrow its back to the grind.

Alton Baker Park Stroll Alton Baker Park Stroll Alton Baker Park Stroll