Another Notch on the Belt

The 18th of June marks the annual celebration of my birth. I had a great day and really appreciated all the efforts from my family and friends.

I started my day with ultimate relaxation. I slept in to my favorite 9am hour. Then I packed up a magazine and got myself a coffee and muffin at Full City (Josh had to study). Thanks to Josh, I headed of to The Pearl Spa for an 1-1/2 aromatherapy massage. It was incredibly nice. They even gave me a bottle of aroma oil to take home. She offers me 1 of 3 scents. She held them up and I ended up choosing basil.  I read somewhere that basil is good for stress (or something like along those lines).

After this heavenly morning, I headed home. I thought Josh would be at school studying all day, but he came home to study instead. Before it got to late, I popped online and chatted with my friend Caroline (in Germany) over iChat. Remember she's my twin - my German equivalent.

Josh and I decided to enjoy lunch out, so we tried out a new Italian restaurant in town called Osteriz Sfizio. I had some tasty chard-ricotta ravioli. It was a decent day out, so it was perfect sitting next to the window (a bit too chilly for outsides yet).

Fret not, I did get my wonderfully delicious frozen yogurt in the afternoon. I met up with my friend Kim at TCBY. Sadly they don't carry my favorite cookies 'n cream flavor, but I liked the chocolate peanut brittle flavor blended with some oreos (they call it a shiver).

I also got some fabulous gifts. I received a cute Timbuk2 messenger bag that fits my iPad perfectly. It will be great for Seattle when I commute around town in the rain. Not only that, but i also got some gift certificates to froyo (believe-it-or-not), movies, and Ann Taylor. This mean some more fun times ahead. Oh and got a cute top and a Seattle book. I feel so loved.

I ended the night with Josh and some friends at Chao Pra Ya Thai - Thai is the best!! And a pumpkin cookie for dessert at SweetLife.

What a day! And what a way to start my 28th year!

Thanks everyone for a great birthday!

(Sorry no pictures! Que horror! I'll try to get some somehow, someway).