This Time Last Year

Apparently this is the happenin' month - birthday, 100 posts celebration, and now today. Today marks my official one year in Eugene (that's 365 days). Looking back, I can say that it's been a great year. For one (and the best), I am so glad to be here with Josh. Plus the change has been good for me in so many ways too. I'm experiencing all sorts of new things since living here. To name a few, I've experienced life ...

  • In a small town (one big on their college sports)

  • Outside of California (born and raised Cali girl)

  • Working at a non-desk job and on my feet (no computers all-day)

  • Without Yumi Yogurt (<- that's my froyo)

  • With green all around and rain (and wildlife in the front yard)

  • With tons of coffee (not just SBux, but coffee life in the Pacific NW in general)

  • Where you can get across the city in 20 minutes (or less)

  • With some ย wonderful new friends!

As for the flip side, there are a few things I will be glad to see return with a bigger city. These include...

  • A bigger Mall (one that includes Nordstroms and an Apple store)

  • More dining out options (starting to get tired of just the small choices here)

  • An airport with more, and cheaper flights

  • People that don't stop before turning right (or drive a bit faster)

On an ending note, let's recall a photo from my first day here...

Arrival in Oregon