Pleasure and Passion

It's summer! We've had a few sunny days here in Eugene and it's great. The summer was late to show, but now that's it's here, we're all thrilled. We've been waiting all winter for this (except for those with allergies - that's not so fun). Since it's warmer, I like to drink cold drinks. Honestly, I prefer iced tea. You may recall my favorite tea, Vanilla Roobios. I do this whenever I have time to self-brew. However, on the go, I enjoy the always-available passion tea. I add my own twist to it though. Instead of the traditional classic syrup for sweetener, I add sugar-free vanilla. So refreshing. If you'd like, there is a passion tea lemonade as well. The black and green teas aren't too bad either. By the way, I get venti size when it comes to iced tea beverages. How to “call it” (order it)? Iced Venti, Sugar-free Vanilla, Passion Tea.