Red, Woof, and Blue

Happy belated 4th of July! Josh and I had a nice weekend here in Eugene. We opted to stay locally for the holiday weekend because of work and studying. We lucked out and finally had some sun shiny weather. Although Josh had some intense allergies because of the dang high pollen - poor guy.

Even though we stayed around town, we did feel like we were on a mini vacation of sorts. Our friends went up to Washington for the weekend and asked if we'd watch their dog, Ryder. To help Ryder feel comfortable, we stayed at their home (yes, a house, an actual house). They live on the other side of town in West Eugene (fyi - we live in South Eugene). It's closer to the TCBY and Target - some of my favorites. It's funny out a different area of the same city can seem totally new. I really felt like I was away for the weekend except when I forgot something, I was able to pick it up in 30 minutes.

It was a great semi-escape. We got to play with the dog (my arm hurts now from throwing the ball so much), play on their Wii (Josh's legs hurt from snowboarding), watch streaming Netflix and Blu Ray, and enjoy air conditioning. The Wii was a big hit for us. I got to practice some yoga, beat Josh at some tennis, and Josh got to feel like Shaun White snowboarding. I also enjoyed some films too. For instance, the Iron Man on their Blu Ray - such clarity! I want one.

Being 4th of July weekend, I cooked up some all American foods and treats. I made moist and delicious banana bread (the second time using this recipe in two weeks - yum). I cooked up some cheeseburgers. Then to top it off, chicken with potatoes (all with veggies, of course).

Fireworks were on the list as well. We thought about going out to see them, but wanted to be sure Ryder didn't freak out. Fireworks, small ones at least, are legal here in Oregon. We didn't get any fireworks of our own, but all the neighbors in the area sure did. They had some crazy fireworks display. Josh and I stood outside in the driveway at saw the fireworks going off in all directions. It was crazy all the fireworks people had going. I had to drive home since I worked early the next day, and on the way there were fireworks all over town. It was fun to see.

This weekend was a fun change of pace for us. Plus we got to play with a dog, which we'd love to have if only we had the right living situation. Sigh, some day. Maybe a Bernese Mountain Dog or Swissy.

Happy 4th! God Bless the USA - I'm Proud! Relive some fireworks with my videos and photos - below and here. {Note, Cheese You Tube, but good 4th of July song. It was that, or my sister's favorite, 1776