Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Blood. Vampires. Entertainment. It's true, I find much entertainment on this topic lately. I'm definitely not a Twihard or anything; however, I do really enjoy the Twilight films and books. In fact, you may know from the news that the third book, Eclipse, was released as a movie last week and was breaking 4th of July weekend records. I'd been waiting for it to be released and saw it with some co-worker friends (the theater is in the center across from our store & we were all excited dorks). We even made plans and bought tickets days in advance. The insanity doesn't stop there. I'll admit it, I was the first person in the movie line. This wasn't intentional though, I swear. I was there early just to save seats for my friends since we all thought it'd be a long line and super crowded. I mean it was the first night it opened and everything (no, I didn't go to the opening Tuesday midnight was Wednesday). To top it off, behind me in line were two teenage girls wearing Edward shirts. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't be sharing this on my blog - you might get the wrong impression. Oh well, too late. Luckily, that was the extent of my dorkiness. In the end, I'm happy to report that it although it's not the best film, it was fun and entertaining.

Twilight isn't the only blood I watch. True Blood Season 2 came available on Netflix last week. I lined it up in the queue and now we're going through the season. It's bloody, and more adult than Twilight. I have to cover my eyes at parts when it gets too bloody-ish. This includes fast forwarding the intro because there are some flashes of pictures I can't stand (bla!). Still, it's a good show and more vampire fun.

Sweat. Yes, sweat. Sweaty just sitting writing this post. It's hot here this week. I know I've been complaining about rain, but I was really just hoping for something in between. Not straight to hot. It's been in the 90's the past few days. It's the worst trying to sleep when it's hot. My feet get so hot, I get squirmy and irritable. Is it too much to ask for some pleasant 70 degree weather? Sigh. I think next week. Working is good though because that means air conditioning! And frappuccinos! (I like to drink them at least, but making a bazillion can be hard work).

Tears. Tears of farewell to Eugene. I'm busy trying to search for a Seattle apartment. It's tough from afar. I'm driving up there with my mom Monday and taking a day and a half to look around (and perhaps get something settled...I hope, hope hope). I've really come to like Eugene and got the chance to make some good friends. Luckily Seattle and Eugene aren't too far away. And I'm sure Seattle will be a blast. I just want to get the move part of it over and done with. Man, I wish it were the end of August and this was all behind us. Patience. I need to find it.

Okay, those are my blood, sweat, and tears. I'll be sure to post again soon. I didn't know what pictures would go with this one...