Make it Work

Let's talk about our new home. It's definitely smaller than our Eugene home. We miss our garage. We miss the extra storage space. However, we love our new home. It's so cute and nicely located. All we needed was some clever thinking to make everything fit.

We put four minds together (Don, Nada, Josh, and me) and we came up with some great fixes. Don was great at helping us figure out the furniture layout, hanging photos, and overall feel. Nada helped us figure out the bathroom and kitchen situation (i.e. ok, we got the dishes and appliance in the kitchen, but what about food). Josh and I did the office and bedroom, and lots of unpacking. And all together, we got a place where everything fits! Whoopie!

We would like to thank IKEA, World Market Cost Plus, the Container Store, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond for all their products. We would like to send a big thanks to Don and Nada for all their help!

P.S. Tim Gunn always says, "make it work" in Project Runway. Love that phrase & you may here me say it often...

Photo 1: IKEA curtains. Don and Josh put it up, and I hemmed the length (using an iron and ruler).

Photo 2: Bedroom Closet. I put in a small shoe rack, Rubbermaid drawers (below which you can't see), and sweater slots.

Photo 3: Kitchen Stand. We had the table from our Eugene home, but this time we added baskets for supplies and a little basket drawer system for even more supplies.

Photo 4: Dishes. We used an old bookcase to store our dishes so we could use the kitchen cabinets for food storage.

Photo 5: Coat Closet. More shelves were created by putting a piece of wood on top of two little baskets.

Photo 6: Kitchen Sink. A neat discovery by Nada, a little stand to go over the sink for soaps and other storage. I added a faucet too that does circular spraying and different spray types (rather than just one flow downward).

And that's not all of it! I'll take a video of our home and post once I feel it's totally presentable (almost there!)