Hello Seattle

I'm alive! I'm connected! I'm in Seattle!

Sorry for the long delay in posts. Life had been, well, hectic lately. Time is flying. I can't believe it's mid-August. Josh and I have really had some big changes in the past 11 days.

Timeline Highlights:

  • Thursday, 8/5 - The movers pack the truck

  • Friday, 8/6 - Josh and I drive up to Seattle, and the movers unload

  • Monday, 8/9 - My first day at work

  • Tuesday, 8/10 - Don and Nada arrive to town

  • Monday, 8/16 - Comcast finally & Internet/Cable Established

  • Sunday, 8/15 - Dinner with Manuel and Katy

Things to Know:

  • We live in West Queen Anne

  • Our place is a four-unit complex on a hill

  • Our new view is the Ballard Locks, a hill, and the sunset

  • We're a 5-10 minute car drive or 20-30 minute bus ride to downtown

  • We've had a range of weather since our arrival - rain, cloudy, hot (i.e. 90s), and pleasant

  • Seattle is the Emerald City, and Washington the Evergreen State

  • There is no dishwasher or garbage disposal in our house (booo!)

Now, some more recaps. I'm going to start with the sad, then launch into the happy...and then some more...

The Sad:

  • Friends - It's tough being in a new city where you don't really know that many people. I miss my Eugene buddies. If you're reading this, I miss you!

  • Ease of Commute - I'm definitely learning the city life - living an working in a city. Where you have to deal with traffic, hard parking (and paying for it), and can't get from one end of town to the other in 20 minutes.

  • Froyo Situation - This is definitely sad. The frozen yogurt scene isn't quite wonderful. It's not totally void of froyo stores, but it's lacking. The best I've found thus far is Red Mango and a little store that has YoCream chocolate and vanilla. Luckily, both of these are near my store (nothing near home though). There is hope though, see "The Happy" section below.

  • Taxes - Oregon had no sale tax, but Washington has probably one of the highest sale tax rates. I'm finding getting to the register to pay tough. Suddenly the price jumps up and what seemed reasonably priced (for a city) becomes a bit of a shocker.

Rabbit Bistro Goodbye

The Happy:

  • City - Ahh yes, the city. Besides the above, it's great. The benefits definitely out weigh "the sad" mentioned above. Finally, a Nordstorms, a Sephora (that's not inside a JC Pennies), actual malls, the retail is endless. Not to mention, good food, more activities, bigger airports, etc. Let's face it, just much more options.

  • Views - All I have to say is that we live in a beautiful city. Wait, no. A gorgeous city. I don't think I'll get tired of looking at the city skyline and needle nor the ferries and nature. My new favorite sight, is the view from Kerry Park (which is only minutes from our home).

  • New Camera - The photographer inside of me will soon be unleashed. The Browns were the nicest ever and gave me a new, very nifty camera - a Canon Digital Rebel (Don got a even niftier new camera, very professional). More pictures to come now! Get ready to be tired of all the pictures.

  • Foodie - Yum. Mouth-watering. Drooling. Variety. These all describe the food. Some favorites (so far - much more to try): Zaw, Macrina Bakery, Tutta Bella, 5 Spot, Bricco, Hi-Life, and a past-favorite, The Counter. Yeah, for good food.

  • Frozen Goodness - The froyo might not be ultra-plentiful, but the gelato and ice cream is delicious. Our two favorites are Molly Moons, and D'Ambrosio Gelato. There was also a gelato place downtown that my mom and I ran into on our search, so the frozen delights are here.

More Screaming for Ice Cream The Market and Us Back to a city near water

The B's (or Other Stuff, but all start with B):

  • Bus - This is city life to the extreme. I am now having to use public transportation to work. The parking is tough to find and expensive to pay, so I've opted to take the bus to work. Now, Im learning to navigate the bus system. So far not too many blips, just took the express bus which pasted my stop on my commute home (Josh picked me up thank goodness). On the bright side, I just have to take one bus route (no stops or switches), and the 17. The bus does take longer, which means factoring in more time for commute (blah). However, I do get some monthly mulla from Uncle Bux (aka Starbucks) for the transportation troubles. I'm sure I'll have bus adventures to share in the future (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

  • Browns - Shortly after our arrival, Josh's parents, Don and Nada, arrived. It was so great to have them here. They were former interior designers and were able to help setup the place so that we could fit everything (our new place is a wee bit smaller and no garage storage). They helped us unpack, shop, and get settled. We are so grateful for there assistance - the best soon-to-be-parent-in-laws ever. Not to mention, fabulous mani-pedi outing with Nada (my nails needed it)!

  • Block Party - Our first community adventure. Queen Anne had a block party that we attended (it was free). Plus, our Eugene-law-friend, Katherine was there too. She lives in Queen Anne too (for now, she's moving). We got some shaved ice, watermelon, bubbles (yes, bubbles. They were handed out for kids, we count), and some community fun in the sun.

  • Busy - Needless to say, I’ve been busy. I’ll do my best to keep up the posts though especially now that we have Internet.

Nada and I get Pampered Gelato with the Browns

I'm loving loving Seattle. Please visit! And my new address will be sent via email soon.