Bittersweet. I used this when saying goodbye to a customer yesterday. I thought it very clever and witty, not mention perfect. In fact, the exact wording was, "'s bittersweet, just like our chocolate." Great, right? Not just in the happy-sad context, but in the bittersweet chocolate. This chocolate relates to Starbucks, and my goodbye is to my customers and friends at Starbucks. Ha!

Enough of my cleverness, this post is about my last day at Valley River Center (VRC) Starbucks. Like I said, it was bittersweet. I've really grown to enjoy all of our regular customers. They all said such nice farewells. I even got a few hugs and promises of visits to my new store. On a side note, it's funny about there is a Pacific Northwest connection between Seattle, Portland, and Eugene. If you live in one, you generally have work, family, or friends in the other two. Many of my customers said they go up quite frequently. This made me smile because I've really enjoyed having regulars. Over the months, I've come to bond with them about early mornings, having to work, or other random stuff. They are like friends now!

The customers are great, but my co-worker are who I'll really miss. These guys are not just my co-workers, but my friends. They were patient training me, to work with everyday, and fun to hang out outside of work. Kim is my froyo buddy, Melinda is the Starbucks guru, I talk books with Julia, talk Germany with Justin, wedding with Sara, traveling with Ali, and Seattle with Colin. Lindsey is a rock-star singer. Annan started the same day as me (remember, I'm one number ahead of you!). And I have faith Jeri will find her younger, tall, fit man. These are just a few of the friends I've made at my time at VRC.

I was touched at the number of coworker friends that showed up for my happy hour shin-dig at the Rabbit Bistro yesterday evening too. I had such a great time hanging out with everyone one last time before my big move. Thanks guys (if it's you that is reading this right now).

Farewell VRC,ย Heather McHeatherington.

Rabbit Bistro Goodbye Last Day at VCR SBux

Picture 1: Kim, Ali, Me, Lindsey, and Jeri // Picture 2: Zia, Me, and Colin (the boss man) // And more pictures on my Flickr site too!