Red Alert

Last night around 1:55am, I awoke to sirens. A few minutes later I was still listening to sirens. And it kept up what seemed like forever. Eventually I rolled out of bed to see what was happening. I peeked through the window screens, but saw nothing. More research - after a snack  that is. I hate when you get super hungry when waking up in the middle of the night.

Josh started investigating online and found that it was a ship fire. I looked out again to see if I could locate the fire. I thought I saw some flames, but it was just lights. Apparently it was just around the corner though. It was a ship fire on the docks near our apartment. This article shares some photos and details of the fire.

Apparently 100 fire fighters were out there fighting. The smoke was blowing the other direction, so we weren't affected. Plus nobody was hurt. All ends well, just an hour less of sleep for us.

F/V Arctic Dawn and the F/V Tempest