I found it! Oh come on, you know what I'm talking about. What else could it be other than the fabulously delicious frozen yogurt. It's good as gold (reference to eureka).

As you may recall, I've mentioned that the frozen yogurt scene here in Seattle is pretty dang lacking. I've only come across the tart, fruity stuff. No cookie, chocolatey desserty froyo. So very disappointing. The only real place I had found was the little cafe around the corner from my Starbucks that served chocolate and vanilla, which never changes flavors but at least it was YoCream brand. I've been surviving off Red Mango. Don't get me wrong, I like Red Mango, it's good; however, it's not dessert and the creamy I'm looking for (oh all right, obsessed with). There apparently is a TCBY in Bellevue and Shoreline somewhere, but that's notย very close to us here in the city. Tear.

The other day I was researching on the Internet and came across a place way down in Federal Way. Who knows where the heck that is! The colorfulness and flavors did catch my attention though so I continued onward. Out of curiosity I went to the locations and looked up Washington. Low and behold there was a coming soon for Queen Anne and Capitol Hill. WHAT?!? Josh and I drove to scope out the location it listed. The place looked like it wasn't very far along. Hmm, how much longer? I took it a step further and emailed them and asked about the projected opening. They replied in one day saying it would be late December. Oh boy! I wish it were sooner, but beggars can't be choosers.

Then my sister and I were talking on the phone and she said she thought of me, a new froyo store opened in Pasadena called Menchies. What?! That's the place I was coming here. Get out of here. It's true though.

And another sign...Josh and I were down in Gig Harbor for the day on Sunday. On the way there I saw a sign on the freeway saying Federal Way. Well, my froyo radar went to red alert. Must. Go. Get. Froyo. Deprived. On the way home we set the navigation and hit up some froyo goodness. Menchies didn't disappoint. It was self-serve and also a cute decor. Oh, and I asked and cookies 'n cream is a regular flavor. They didn't have it that day, but I enjoyed some Peanut Butter, Dulce de Leche, and Banana. Yum.

Can't wait until December! Hurry Menchies. Hurry.

Eureka! I Found it!