Sunday's Gig

Check number two on the chalkboard: Gig Harbor. [View Larger Map]

Gig Harbor is just about an hour drive from Seattle, so it made the perfect little day trip for us. We set out around noon after trying out a new church in our neighborhood. It was a nice day, mostly sunny and mid-60s, so it was perfect for exploring.

When we reached Gig Harbor, we were both quite hungry. I spotted a little cafe around the corner called Kelly's Cafe, so we headed in for some nourishment. We were satisfied after our meal -- Josh was happy with his chicken fried steak treat and I with my Mediterranean quesadilla.

After lunch, we walked around the town's harbor. There were a few shops, but mostly just a cute area with a nice harbor. We decided to hop in the car and drive to the other side of the harbor. There we found the Finholm View Climb. This gave us a great overview of the harbor. Josh gave a little narrative for us here.

Next, we found the Wilkinson Park and Barn. We talked to a lady and petted her two dogs. We saw a lady picking wild blackberries. And saw a few more dogs. There was also a barn that we looked at and took a few photos.

On the way to and from Gig Harbor, we had to cross the Tacoma Narrow Bridges. Josh told me the story of how this bridge collapsed because the engineers didn't account for the winds that went through this area. It did a gumby type of swing and then collapsed. Scary. Check out the video footage. Now check out our scary trip across. Don't worry, nobody was hurt during this video.

That's a wrap on our Sunday gig. We got in the car and headed home with a special side trip which I will post separate (it's deserving of it's own post). P.S. Sorry I forgot both cameras, so the ones you see are just with my iPhone.

Gig Harbor