Theobroma Cacao

A.K.A. Theo, some pretty dang good chocolate. (if you're curious in the title, go here, it's the name of the cacao plant that sprouts the bean for the chocolate).

Did you guess right? I mean, did you guess which option we chose for our first checkmark off the kitchen chalkboard? I asked you in my 365 post. Yea, go back and read it. I can't believe you forgot already. Sheesh. J/K (<--Did you know a guy at my work actually just says the letters J/K. Annoying).

The answer: Theo Chocolate Factory. You should have guessed it from the title name. Clever little name. We learned this on the tour we took on Thursday. It was a great tour actually. It was an hour long and we got a brief outline of the process of making chocolate from the bean to the bar. Then the lady took us through the factory, as it was running, and explained the machines and flow of the factory. It was cool to see everything in progress and the workers. We also went into their chocolate confectioners room. Along the way, she also fed us chocolate - started with really dark to milk.

The flavors of chocolate they have there are pretty interesting. There is Hazelnut Crunch, Chai, Coconut Curry, Mint, Chili, and more. Then all those delicious chocolate smells waft through the air of Fremont.

Another fact we learned on the tour was that their machines are more old fashioned, and they apparently got them in an auction in Germany, Switzerland, a few other European countries. Neato. They had to go with smaller machines because of costs and production.

Well, that's really about it. The shop also has tons of tasters too. It's a good place to visit. If you visit, perhaps you'll be taken here for a tour. Wink Wink.

Cacoa Beans