Discovering Discovery

Last week Josh and I ventured out to discover Discovery Park. This is a nearby park - just about five minutes away from our home. It has some nice walking and/or hiking trails through some of Seattle's best wildlife and also some beautiful sites (didn't that sentence sound like an article of some sort?!

Discovery Park

According to Wikipedia, "Discovery Park is a 534 acre park in the peninsular Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. It is the city's largest public park and contains 11.81 miles of walking trails." The trail we took, while circumferences the peninsula was about 3 miles.

We saw a mix of trees, grassy areas, coast, and wildlife. In fact, along the way, I stopped in my tracks. Was that a bat? No way...scary. Yes, I wanted to know. I back tracked and squinted. I took a step closer. And closer. Then it struck me. It was a strategically placed toy of some crazy looking bat werewolf.

Discovery Park

It was a typical, misty Seattle day (rained later that day) and the site off the coast was awesome. We could see Mount Rainer in the distance. If only I could truly capture the site on film.

Discovery Park

And that was yet another check mark on our Seattle Life Chalkboard.

Josh says, "yes, that's right. Deal with it." And I say, "heck, yea."

Discovery Park Discovery Park