The Do

I hope I'm not the only one who uses the word "do" on occasion to mean hair style. If so, then you may have picked up the meaning of my title. If not, then let me clue you in on my terminology...I got a new hair cut and style.

I ventured into the hair salons of Seattle. After some walk-by viewing, some walk-in investigation, and research on Yelp, I decided on Vain Salon in Ballard. Okay, c'mon, sing it, "You're so Vain, you wish that this post was about you." Naww, it's a nice place in Ballard and had decent pricing and isn't vain. The people were quite friendly in fact.

Emily was my hair stylist. We got along well and chatted about Chicago, Starbucks, TV, and whatnot. After some time, I walked out a new girl.

Before - This is from June, so it has grown since. However, all recent photos I have my hair back in a ponytail or bun. I guess it got too long.

Random Viewpoint in Route

During - I was waiting for my highlights to dry and sneaked in a photo.

Crazy Hair Stylin'

After: The new hair!

The New Do