It's Magnetic

Yes, magnets are magnetic. Surprise! Last Thursday at the Farmer's Market I made a magnet. It's pretty dang cool and I just happened upon it. However, before we get into the thick of this craftiness, let's back track a bit to give you some background first.

It was a cloudy, looks-like-rain type of evening and Josh and I were at the Queen Anne Farmer's Market. You may recall, my saying that we try to go to the Farmer's Market every Thursday (or at least until rainy season comes and it closes). Remember? It's a great dinner because A- it's cheap(er) and B- there are usually a few booths there to accomodate both of our tastes. This time around I had a yummy fresh mushroom pizza from Veraci Pizza and Josh had some soul food at Where Ya At Matt (specifically steaming hot jambalaya). After chowing down on these delectable food items, I was headed for a crepe for dessert. As I was headed over, I walked by the Queen Anne Bookstore booth and looked over. I saw a girl making something crafty. Crafty. Cool. I said, "I want to do one of those!" The lady replied, "come on over!"

The lady turned out to be Jennifer Worick the author of Simple Gifts, a craft book with directions (simple directions hence the book title) on how to make all sorts of arts and crafts. One of these particular crafts was making personal magnets, just like I was about to create.

With some easy instructions, I was on my way to some magnetic fun. To start, I shuffled through all sorts of cards, maps, old calendars, and whatnot, After a sorting through everything, I settled on a cupcake design for my magnetic - it was a tough decision for me (the I-Don't-Know girl). To find the exact look, I put the glass stone over the design and then traced around the stone with a pencil. After the tracing, I cut out the picture. With some sort of crafty glue, I attached the picture to the stone followed by a magnet. Voila, a hand-picked, personally made magnet.

Queen Anne FM - Crafts

I was very proud of my magnet. What great fun too! Maybe I should do this as gifts or even wedding favors (when that day comes). I was very inspired and the craftiness and browsed through the Simple Gifts book on display. All sorts of fun ideas. In retrospect, I wish I had bought the book and had Jennifer sign it. Sigh. I always do that "if only" stuff. Next time I'm at the bookstore, I should purchase it.

Queen Anne FM - Crafts

Now the magnet happily resides on my refrigerator. Every time I look at it I think of the Farmer's Market and then of delicious cupcakes. What a lovely day at the Farmer's Market.

Are you feeling crafty? Share you're crafty ideas!

Queen Anne FM - Crafts Queen Anne FM - Crafts

P.S. We also got some beautiful dahlias and Josh enjoyed (or devoured I should say) some beignets.