Wedding After Party

Since practically 98% of our guests were from out of town, and the wedding being on a Thursday, most people decided to stay in Seattle for the weekend. This means: after party!

Both Browns and O'Neills stayed around as well as some of our good friends. Josh and I alternated back and forth between the families. It's like the movie 28 Dresses when the gal is running back and forth between weddings. At least, that's how I pictured it.

Here are the highlights:


  • Our first breakfast as a married couple was celebrated with friends and family in the Sheraton restaurant, The Grill.

  • Shopping and lunch with Caroline

  • Dinner in downtown Queen Anne at Portage with the O'Neill crew

  • Chillin' at the Hilltop Pub with O'Neill clan and some of Erin's friends (they live in Seattle)

Post Wedding Fun


  • Mega lunch at Tutta Bella with the Brown family and some of our Bay Area friends. Good pizza too.

  • Hangin' with Manuel, Alley, and Jimmy for a bit. We took them to the always popular Kerry Park.

  • Mexican fiesta with the Brown family again to bid them all farewell.

Post Wedding Fun


  • Coffee with Don and Nada before they go to the airport. Then breakfast with the O'Neills.

  • Ballard Farmer's Market. Just a wee bit of Β time with Richardsons and Chris & Beth.

  • Dinner in downtown with the last of the guests: mom, dad, and German Chris.

Post Wedding Fun


  • Only mom and dad are still around. We head out to Edmonds for the afternoon.

  • Visit the Rick Steve's store and hometown. My dad is in awe.

  • Dinner at the Pink Door for some grub and hoop girl.

Dad Visits Rick Steves

Tuesday and Wednesday:

  • Prepare for the honeymoon!