Wedding Beautification

Before one gets married, one must feel like a princess and get beautified. That's what my wedding day morning entailed. But before that, we had to get our mourning nourishment to ensure we were properly  energize for the big day. My mom, Lindsay, Caroline, and I headed to Fonte for some breakfast and coffee (goood coffee).

Wedding Morning B-Fast

Then we rendezvoused in the lobby with Erin, Nada, Daylen, Katja, and Erica, the hair and make-up artist )and her assistant). All of us headed to my suite (for that night) to get our beautification on.

We started at 10:45am, and with the two girls, we were all finished by 2pm. When someone wasn't getting hair or make-up done, they'd be taking photos, chit-chatting, or looking out from the room at the lovely view and absolutely gorgeous day.

Just going to repeat that...gorgeous day. It was absolutely perfect outside - clear skies, great temperature, and rainbows & unicorns signing (okay, that last piece was an exaggeration, but not too far off!). Seriously though, we really lucked out on the weather. The rest of the week after the wedding was gray and rainy for the most part.

Here's our beauty shots:

Prep for the WeddingPrep for the Wedding

Prep for the WeddingPrep for the WeddingPrep for the WeddingPrep for the Wedding