A Feast for Two

This Thanksgiving, Josh and I spent together on our own in Seattle. We couldn't decide... Eat out or cook & eat in. If we ate out, I wanted to eat a Lola's like we did last year. If we ate in, I wanted to cook a bone-in breast. The decision kept dragging on until we finally decided on eating out. Done. Decision made.

I called Lola's and bad news, they were booked! So I went onto Open Table and explored. My backup options...booked. I found one place, Palisade, and grabbed a reservation. But this made us go back to the decision board: eat in or eat on. After much back and forth, we decided on eating in.

With very little time to consider recipes, and having never really cooked a whole thanksgiving feast, I had to find something and go with it. I found most of my recipes in my Cooking Light magazine and a couple at All Recipe (allrecipe.com). Then the grocery buying began.

We got our bone-in turkey breast from a local butcher called Bill the Butcher. Either the meat was super good or my brine and turkey recipe rocked our worlds (or both), but my turkey came out dang delicious. The best part of the whole meal.

The sides we enjoyed were a green bean casserole, fennel-sausage-caramelized apple stuffing, and a mashed potato casserole. The best of the three being the potatoes. As for dessert, I made a pumpkin bourbon tart. Which also turned out quite tasty. All in all, a wonderful feast for two.

Look at that Turkey The Dinner Plate