Out with the Old


By now you've probably noticed something has changed with my blog. It had a makeover. 

I actually just switched services. In case your like geeky stuff, I'll tell you the details. My previous blog service was WordPress. It was great when I started, plus it was free. However, I kept having to update the program (and I'm not very good at that, as evident from the red circle with the number on my iPhone indicating updates needed). 

Anyway, the service grew old and slow. Posting took ages and got rather annoying. After some presuasion from Josh and a free trial, I decided it was time for a switch. I switched to SquareSpace. The service isn't free, but I got 10% off since Josh heard a discount code on some podcast he listens to. Being a paid service, I find that the application is much better. It's faster, No manually updating is required, and there are some cool features. 

I'm still working on some tweaks, but this is the new look for now. I hope you like it. :)

And we'll always remember the old blog: