Comfy at 35 and 60

I am talking about our sleep numbers. The numbers Josh and I have on our brand new Sleep Number bed. Yes, this week we became owners of a new bed - yippee! Our old mattress had seen better days. After 3 moves, the mattress had it-- sloping to the center, flattened pillow top, it was just plain sad.

Now, we have a high tech bed. Basically, you can adjust it to your level of firmness you desire on your side of the bed. 100 is the firmest setting, and 0 the softness. My number is 35 - cozy and soft; like sleeping on a cloud. Josh likes more of a firmed at 60 - like sleeping on a wood floor (okay, that's in the eye of the beholder--to each his own). Then, like a cherry on top, there is a totally awesome foam top so you sink down into heavenlyness.

Let me tell you, this bed is so great that the first night sleeping on it, I over slept! Yes, I over slept and had to race to get ready for work. Lucky for me, my commute is only to the next room or else I never would have made it on time. And, then it happened AGAIN, the second night. By the third, I was back to getting up with the alarm. Some crazy good sleep though for me.

To top off our wonderful new mattress, we got some new bedding. Our bed looks like something on HGTV or the beds at Crate and Barrel. We feel all grown up. We got the layer effect with the green coverlet and the many pillows (and it's stylish Marimekko). The only challenge: making the bed every morning!

We also are getting a new bed frame from Crate and Barrel, but sadly it was on back order until January. For now, we're bumming it on the floor. Check out the frameΒ and join me in the wait.

Our new bed